Pat Martin

Tandem Skydiving Instructor

Jumps: 10,000+

About Pat Martin

Pat skydives because "It's the most enjoyable thing he has done in his entire life". He started just like everyone else; went for a normal jump and "the moment he left the plane he was addicted to it." Twenty two years later, and he's still loves it. He now has more than 10,000 jumps.

Pat joins us from Chattanooga, TN and after being here, he can say without hesitation that he enjoys it! He says, "The owners are knowledgeable, and the facilities are top notch." For Pat, the best part about skydiving, is taking people on their first jump. He says that he feeds off of their energy, and through that, he relives his first jump.

To anyone thinking about going for the first time, he says, "It's not what you expect it's going to be." He lives with the motto that "No one gets out of life alive", and feels that enjoying what you do, is the greatest part of life.

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Top notch. Great hospitality. People who love people, what they do, and positive experiences.

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