Melanie Nipper

Owner of Skydive North Florida

About Melanie Nipper

Melanie Nipper became a pilot in 1986; she was an instrument flight instructor, crop duster, and flew cargo. After that, she flew for Gene Paul Thacker at Raeford Parachute Center, where she met Jim. Melanie joined the Army as a Warrant officer in 1993; she flew Blackhawks and airplanes - a King Air. She served in Korea, Haiti, Bosnia and 3 combat tours in Iraq. Melanie was active duty for 12 years in the National Guard.

Currently Melanie serves in the Army Reserves with 25 years of service. She flies a King Air overseas as a contractor.

Skydiving Video DVD & Stills

Skydive Live is such a great drop zone. The owners Jim and Melanie literally built the place from the ground up.

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