Martin Swords

About Martin Swords

Martin started skydiving after he saw the movie "Gypsy Moths," and all he could think was, "I gotta try that!" His first jump: "Scary!" It was a 3,500ft static line jump. "But when [he] landed on that first one, [he] was looking for someone to pack [his] parachute so [he] could go again." Martin's favorite skydiving memory was taking his daughter for her first jump. She was scared, just like dad, but then she loved it!

He has 27 years of experience, and has spent this past year with Skydive North Florida. Martin enjoys the team here and says, "It's like family." With over 6,000 jumps, Martin is still going strong, and when not jumping for Skydive North Florida, he is designing navy ships. He says he'd jump every day if he could! Martin's advise to anyone thinking about going for their first jump is, "Just do it!"

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One of best DZs I've been too! Awesome people and attitudes!

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