John "Slim" Chiasson

Tandem Skydiving Instructor

Jumps: 5,300+

About John "Slim" Chiasson

Slim started skydiving because his brother had friends who were para-troopers. He jumped one time and that was it. From then on he was addicted! Slim says, "Training people to jump, is like nothing else. It's a kinesthetic sport and brings so much excitement to people from different walks of life. They might be going through a hard time in their lives and they do this, and it just lights them right up, and there is just something about that."

His favorite skydiving memories were "on the beach at the Flora-Bama." Slim has 5,300+ jumps since starting in 1995. The last 18 years have been in Florida simply because he loves the beach and the sunshine. He enjoys working for Skydive North Florida because of the "family-like" atmosphere. It has wide open landing areas, making it excellent for training.

To anyone who is thinking about jumping, Slim says, "Do it! It's like nothing else you'll ever experience. It's a way of seeing the world you'll never see any other way. Everyone should try it at least once."

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