David Duncan

The Parachute Packer

About David Duncan

David first heard about parachute packing through a friend, and has been with the team for a little over a year. He currently packs all of the parachutes for our tandem instructors, and hopes to become a certified rigger. He is always ready to learn something new!

During the Summer, David packs an average of 15 parachutes per day, and he says the hardest part, is the heat. Temperature aside, he works to ensure each parachute is on point. He plays an important role in the safety of each jump, and he knows it.

David graduated with the Class of 2018 at Walton High School, and will be attending Northwest Florida College. He aspires to complete his degree in chemical engineering and is adamant about not going into debt, like many students do. David also looks forward to going on his first jump with a parachute that he has packed!

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We had an excellent first jump on our honeymoon!!! Best experience of our whole trip!!!

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