Why We Love Skydiving

Why We Love Skydiving

Published: July 20, 2016

Skydiving is an amazing experience. While there are many great reasons to skydive, here are some of the things we love most about it, that we think you'll love too.

The Joy Of The Jump

Why do people skydive? The first reason lies in the jump itself. It's impossible to describe to non-skydivers the feeling you get when you jump from an airplane and fall toward the earth, and there's nothing like it.

The freedom of freefall, the peacefulness of the parachute ride... from start to finish, the whole experience of the skydive itself is thrilling and addictive.

The Trust Between Fellow Jumpers

There's a lot of trust involved in jumping from an airplane with someone.

We look out for each other and that means we work together to plan jumps that are well organized and negate the risks as much as possible. We also take the time to check one another's equipment (as well as checking our own) and we trust that the people we jump with have equipped themselves with the skills and knowledge to jump with us.

The Storytelling At The End Of A Day's Jumping

The experience of skydiving doesn't end when we reach the ground.

Skydivers are friends and the whole feeling around the drop zone is one of closeness and camaraderie. It's not uncommon for us to stick around for a drink or two at the end of the day and while we're there, we love watching each other's videos and discussing the day's events.

It's a really nice way to spend an evening and means we develop great friendships along the way too.

The Long Lasting Friendships

We've mentioned trust and we've mentioned storytelling. These things, combined with a shared love of the sport, mean skydivers develop really strong friendships that last a lifetime.

For many of us, our fellow skydivers are our very best friends. We engage in a sport which is often viewed by the outside world as 'crazy', but we know and love it dearly. Having that shared sense of ownership and passion for the sport is a great bonding device.

People who choose to jump from an airplane are often pretty similar in their thinking, too. We're all excited about making the jump and enjoy the adrenaline rush. We're all passionate about honing our skills. We share our love and that makes our relationships even stronger.

The Community Willing To Support One Another

The skydiving community is global. Wherever you are, if there's a drop zone and you're a skydiver, you'll have friends.

It's an incredible community that is bonded by a shared love of skydiving. It's also a community which is notorious for supporting its members both on and off the drop zone.

A phrase you might hear is 'skydiver post'. This is a great example of the community and refers to skydivers sending things across the country by asking other skydivers to carry it.

It goes much deeper than this too. Skydivers want to help one another both on and off the drop zone.

If you'd like to find out more about skydiving Pensacola with the team at Skydive North Florida, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.