Skydiving vs Scuba Diving

Skydiving vs Scuba Diving

Published: April 8, 2018

Skydiving vs Scuba Diving - Which is Better?

When thinking about skydiving vs Scuba diving, it's hard to pick which one is better. Learn about each extreme sport and the differences and nuances of skydiving and Scuba diving.

The Thrill of Skydiving

There is nothing like skydiving. Well, ok, there are many wind tunnels that provide indoor skydiving, but skydiving indoors is nowhere close to the actual experience of skydiving. There's nothing like opening the door of the plane, looking down below you and seeing the world from a new angle. When you jump out of a plane, you don't feel your stomach drop (like on a roller coaster). As you freefall, you feel an explosion of wind at your face and body as well as a feeling of euphoria as you gaze at the beautiful world below you. If you've ever stuck your head out of a car that is moving fast, you can get a sense of what skydiving sounds and feels like on your head... except you can't beat the views of what lies below you and the sense of freedom as you fall towards the Earth. After about a minute of freefall, the parachute is pulled by the skydiver and the high-speed freefall of 120 mph slows down to a graceful parachute ride down, which in itself is a whole new adventure. The entire skydive from jumping to landing takes about 6 minutes, which is 6 minutes you will never forget. You can't beat landing in the middle of a field after a breathtaking skydive and feel your entire soul smile. Skydiving always gives us a new perspective on life and gives a new appreciation for the beautiful world we're in.

The Amazement of Scuba Diving

It's interesting that many skydivers are Scuba divers, but not always the other way around. Scuba diving brings in a new wonder and perspective of the world like skydiving, yet you can spend more time doing it. An average Scuba dive length may be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on depth and Nitrogen in the body. When you jump off the boat, it's not as daunting jumping out of an airplane for some, however, beneath the waves brings an exciting new world. Like skydiving, you can't communicate with who you are with, so you use hand signals to communicate. When you're diving, you never know what you may see at any moment. A whale or shark could come out of nowhere, or you might become enthralled with the macro world underwater. When you're Scuba diving, you can hear each and every breath and your whole body can relax underwater as you breathe slowly, taking in the underwater world around you. Scuba diving doesn't always have the adrenaline rush that skydiving has, however, many Scuba divers have had a moment that has gotten their blood pumping and heart beating. Many times Scuba diving lets us explore a new world below, also while also getting away on vacation. We're a fan of booking a house and dives through Brac Scuba Shack in the Caymen Islands when we need to relax and explore the underwater oceans.

How Are Scuba Diving & Skydiving Similar?

Skydiving and Scuba diving both require a sense of adventure and a yearning to want to explore a different dimension of Earth, either above or below. In both sports you can communicate to others by using hand signals, they both require certifications if you want to get into the sport, and both sports can get your heart pumping at times. Skydiving and Scuba diving both allow you to experience a part of the world that most don't get to see and can give you a new zest for life.

If you do decide to do try skydiving and Scuba diving, just remember that you can't go up in a plane within 24 hours of Scuba diving, so if you're doing both in a weekend, plan your skydive on Saturday then go Scuba diving on Sunday, as you can always skydive before going Scuba diving, but not the other way around within 24 hours.

It's hard to pick which sport is better, they are both unique in their own way. If you're up to expanding your horizons and seeing the horizon from a new perspective, then try a tandem skydive here at Skydive North Florida near Panama City and Destin, Florida.

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