How to Overcome Fear of Skydiving

How to Overcome Fear of Skydiving

Published: May 22, 2017

How to Overcome Fear of Skydiving

We understand that skydiving sounds scary and you may have a fear of skydiving, but that's also what makes skydiving fun! It's healthy to have some fear of the unknown. For many, the fear of skydiving goes away when in freefall. Your stomach does not feel the big drop when you jump out (because the plane is flying fast, however, you would feel that drop if jumping from a hot air balloon, a hovering helicopter, etc).

So you want to overcome your fear of skydiving? First, take a deep breath. Now, sign up for your tandem skydive (with an instructor on your back) at Skydive North Florida (skydiving near Panama City Beach and Destin, FL)! Instead of letting fear take over, concentrate on the excitement! You are going to jump out of a plane and have the experience of a lifetime!

Did you know that your instructor has a minimum of 500 skydives? The parachute system on their back also has 2 parachutes: a main and a reserve. The skydiving rigs are also set up with an AAD (automatic activation device) that will automatically pull the reserve parachute if your speed reaches approximately 78 MPH at 1900 feet. This extra precaution and this emergency feature are in place in case the instructor is unable to pull the parachute (which is extremely rare).

What Next?

Put on your big boy / big girl underpants and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! Relax. Take a deep breath, schedule (and show up) for the jump of a lifetime. Gain a new perspective and take in the views from 10,000 feet up. You won't be sorry you did.

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