Military Transition Training Available

Published: June 5, 2015

Are you in the military and wishing to get your civilian skydiving license? No problem! We offer military transition training.

What To Expect

  • Approximately 1 hour of ground training - $30
  • "A" License check dive. Consisting of 3 x practice pilot chute touches, front flip or back flip, left 90 degree turn, right 180 degree turn, forward track and deploy without assistance by 4,000 ft - $125.
  • Price includes gear rental for transition jump and pack job.
  • Based on your performance in that one jump - that may be all it takes to start FUN jumping!!!

Be Sure To Bring The Following:

  • Graduation certificate from the MFF school.
  • Jump log from the MFF school.
  • A License card with the MFF instructors initials/signature (if you did not receive a A license card from the MFF school, contact the school to get a copy.

**Any additional jumps required in order to complete your A License can be conducted with a coach. Contact me for a list of our coaches.**

DVD & Stills

One of best DZs I've been too! Awesome people and attitudes!

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